January 6, 2020

SuperYou - NYC EPA
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Equity actor/singers for various roles. Premise: SuperYou the Musical is a modern pop/rock musical about a female comic book artist who learns to love herself and reconnect to her dreams when her own superheroine creations come to life. BREAKDOWN Katie: Lead role. Looks mid-twenties, she is a smart, sensitive, and artistic girl-next-door. Any ethnicity is welcome. Must be a compelling actress, have a strong high belt and range, and be able to move well. She sings many featured songs and is onstage for most of the show. Character does harness work. Also plays her 15-year old self. Jay: Lead role. Looks late twenties/ early thirties. Rock voice bari/tenor, excellent heart throb falsetto. Jay is the charming rocker boyfriend with undeniable talent and sex appeal. He’s the guy that girls can’t help but fall in love with. Must be an excellent actor. He should come across as authentic and likable and not be played as a one-dimensional bad boy. Guitar player a huge plus. All ethnicities considered. Mi Roar/Thunder Boy: Age range: 20-30's. Mi Roar: Menacing virility in human form, he is a skilled adagio partner and tumbler. In a mirrored villainous disguise, deadly shards of glass jut out from his body on one side. He has the ability to shoot mirrored shards in fast succession and can change form into any villain. Thunder Boy: Athletic Dancer/aerialist and the object of Lightning Girl’s affection who resembles Katie’s rocker boyfriend, Jay. Matty: Actor is 18+. Katie's older brother who is 16 to 18. confidante, and comic book artist mentor. Lovable, authentic and self-assured, he cares for and adores his younger sister and has an empathetic wisdom that's "wise beyond his years." Matty is Young Katie's hero and the source of her inspiration and strength. Also plays Rick Razor, a famous rock star from the band, Zeroface, representing all the stereotyped glamor and over-the-top of ridiculousness of rock stardom. Young Katie: Female child. Character is 10 years old. Impressionable, expressive, and authentic. Must have a strong voice for solos and strong ability to move and do choreography. Rise: Looks mid 20’s to 30’s. The quirky "misfit nerd" turned cool with high-functioning autism. Enthusiastic and joyful in pigtails and school-girl drag, she is decked out with tech gadgets and gears. Able to shred on electric violin (or any other “geeky” instrument -- ie: accordion, any stringed instrument, recorder, melodica etc.) With her "mind power," she controls time and telekinetically moves objects. The protagonist calls upon Rise when she feels like she doesn't fit in. Rise helps the lead character to celebrate her own unique “special-ness” with freedom and joy. Seven: Looks 30’s. In outrageous “school teacher” drag, she is the short-fused, sharp-witted, type-A ball-buster. Wise-cracking with Bette Midler sass. With her superpower of "truth," she wears magic, “lie detector" glasses which reveal the truth of what people are actually saying despite the words that come out of their mouths. Lola Touche’: Looks mid 20’s to 30’s. High belt and high harmonies. British femme fatale, she is a sultry secret agent in “Bond-girl” accoutrement. With her superpower of "perspective," she is an extraordinary aerialist, who sees the big picture of every situation. Blast: Looks mid 20's to 30's. Punk rock superheroine with spikes, chains, a mohawk, and chunky boots who has the ability to manipulate fire. She has a butch, James Dean quality -- few words, but with potent, fiery vocal ability. Must have a strong high belt and rock voice. With her superpower of "resilience," she is quick to pick herself up from any situation like a rocket, or a phoenix rising from the ashes. Ima-Mazing: Looks 30’s-40’s. Fabulous, full-figured diva with a big voice and a no-nonsense attitude. She owns her assuredness and shares her wisdom freely. With her superpower of "confidence," she has the ability to grow in size to stomp out her foes. Ima-Mazing appears when Katie needs to be the embodiment of self-confidence and self-worth. Lightning Girl/Sasha/ Psykasha: Lightning Girl: Looks 20-30’s: An exquisite dancer, tumbler, and aerialist she is the most powerful of all the superheroines and performs in many athletic fight sequences with her comic book arch nemesis, Mi Roar. She is the comic book reflection of the protagonist, Katie who appears as a Greek goddess with lightning wings and should closely resemble Katie. Lightning Girl is a direct reflection of Katie’s power or lack of power in the comic book world. Sasha: Groupie girl and president of Jay’s "street team.” Dressed in revealing rock and roll clothes, her confident sexuality is disarming. Psykasha: Sasha in the Comic Book world becomes the evil serpentine villainess, Psykasha. Also Seeking: 2 Male Understudies to cover any combination of the male roles 3 Female Understudies to cover any combination of the female roles UNION EPA

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