December 5, 2017

APPOINTMENTS - Born Yesterday - Actors
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Billie Dawn: Female, 30-40, beautiful, funny, innocent, ex-chorus girl, girlfriend of Harry Brock. She’s actually very smart, eccentric and becomes a new person by the end of the play. Harry Brock: Male, 40-50, brash, crude, businessman who began in the junkyard business. Is buying his way into Washington through crooked deals. Paul Verrall: Male, 30-40, handsome, quirky, intelligent leading man with sense of humor. He’s a writer who is honest and exposes the hypocrisy of Washington politics. Ed Devery: Male, 40-50, intelligent, well-spoken lawyer, who has lost his way in the crooked politics of Washington. He’s a bit of a lush but very witty. Senator Norvel Hedges: Male, 35-55, very square politician of the old school. Looks like a good citizen but has sold out in the morass of Washington. Mrs. Hedges: Female, 35-55, ladylike, humorless, eccentric “Washington wife” of the old school. Wants to keep her place in society. Eddie Brock: Male, 30-45, cousin of Harry; an obsequious, sometimes cowering, “yes” man who has to handle all of the dirty business for his cousin. The Assistant Manager: Male, 25-35, a weasel, eager to please, hotel manager who wants things to be proper. Hopes to rise in status at the hotel. Helen: Female, 35-50, the wise cracking, seen everything, chamber maid at the hotel. Knows everybody’s business.

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