October 4, 2017

APPOINTMENTS - Midtown Arts Center 2017-18 Season - Singers
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Adult Alison - 'Fun Home' (Lead): Female, 35-50, narrator who reflects on her own life and her relationship with her father before his tragic death; must be a strong singer, range low E to light belt C sharp. Must be willing to cut/color hair. Joan - 'Fun Home' (Supporting): Female, 18-25, exudes a confident, sexual energy, with a dry sense of humor; she is very comfortable in her skin and openly identifies as a lesbian; must be comfortable with harmony singing, alto lines. Bruce - 'Fun Home' (Lead): Male, 40-50, an English teacher and funeral home director, who spends his spare time on the historic restoration of his home; complex man with a hot temper as a result of years of repression; can be caring and attentive to his children but is also quick to anger; strong singer, range B to G. Patsy - 'Always Patsy Cline' (Lead): Female, 25-39, should be similar to the legendary singer, both vocally and physically; Father - 'Ragtime' (Lead): Male, Caucasian, 40+, business man and adventurer. He is resistant to change; baritone; range: B to E on staff. Danny - 'Grease' (Lead): 18-25, the leader of the “T-Birds”; well built, good looking, with an air of cool, easy going charm. Strong and confident. Must be able to convincingly play an older teenager (16+). Kenickie - 'Grease': Male, 18-25, second-in-command of the “T-Birds”; tough looking, tattooed, surly, avoids any show of softness. Has an off-beat sense of humor. Must be able to convincingly play an older teenager (16+); strong dancer.

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