July 3, 2018

SUBMISSIONS - Anything Goes - Dancers, Singers
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Reno Sweeney: Female, 30-49, any ethnicity. Evangelist turned nightclub singer aboard the S. S. American. Old friend of Billy’s. Confident, comedic actress with a bold personality. Must be a strong tap dancer. Mezzo-soprano with strong Broadway belt. Moonface Martin: Male, 40-59, any ethnicity. “Public Enemy #13.” A hapless, lovable gangster fleeing the law by pretending to be a priest. Character actor with strong comedic timing. Character tenor. Billy Crocker: Male, 30-39, any ethnicity. An attractive, charming, and charismatic leading man with great comedic timing. In love with Hope. Old friend of Reno’s. A stock broker who works for Elisha Whitney. Must be a strong tap dancer. Tenor. Hope Harcourt: Female, 20-39, any ethnicity. Beautiful American debutante in love with Billy even though she is engaged to the wealthy Sir Evelyn Oakleigh. Elegant but headstrong. Daughter of Evangeline Harcourt. Soprano. Evangeline Harcourt: Female, 50-69, any ethnicity. Hope’s mother. A wealthy and overbearing widow. Concerned with money and social status. Wants Hope to marry well to keep their place in high society. Strong comedic actress and singer.

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