April 28, 2017

Nashville Shakespeare Festival 2017-18 Season - EPA - Actors
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Region: Central

Seeking:"The Winter’s Tale" "Antony and Cleopatra" "Hamlet" Seeking the following tracks: Hermione/Charmian: female, 25-35 Leontes/Soothsayer: male, 30-40 Camilo/Enobarbus: male, 30-45 Polixenes/Antony: male, 30-45 Old Shepard/Lepidus: male, 50-65 Autolycus/Agrippa: male, 35-50 Clown/Caesar: male, 25-35 Emilia/Cleopatra: 30-40 Antigonus male, 50-70 Hamlet: male/female, 25-35, strong rock singer, guitar a plus Claudius: male, 40+ Gertrude: female, 45+ Polonius: male, 45+ Ophelia: female, 20-30 Laertes: male, 20-30 Horatio: male, 25-35 Ghost/Gravedigger 1: male, 45+

All For Joe - EPA - Singers
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Joe: Male, 40-49, Caucasian, hardworking and charismatic; ready to quit his 9-5 job and pursue his passion of being a writer; Bari/Tenor; married with two children. Danny: Male, 18+ to play 15; Caucasian, Ariela’s little brother, Joe and Lauren’s son; has a hard time fitting in at school despite his charming personality; shorter than the rest of the guys in his class; living in the shadow of his sister; must move well; tenor to high C (falsetto ok.) Gab: Female, 18+ to play 17; best friend of Ariela; popular, flirtatious, and out-going; gets guys easily; must dance well. mezzo-soprano. Ralphie Maxwell: Male, 40-49, was the nerdy kid in high school, now a very wealthy and successful business owner; bari/tenor. The Chimes: Male, 50-69, seeking one bass; friend and bandmate of Grandpa (Lauren’s father); most songs are in the style of doo-wop and sung as a quartet.

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