July 27, 2018

SUBMISSIONS - After Midnight - Dancers, Singers
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Male Tap Dancer (Supporting): Male, 18-35, African American, African Descent, excellent tap skills; also must be able to drop into a jazz split and come back up. The following link will take you to the audition requirements for the tap features: Male Freestyle/Hip-Hop Dancer (Supporting): Male, 18-33, African American, African Descent, absolutely extraordinary dancers from the contemporary dance world (crumping, popping/locking, etc.), with particular emphasis on isolations. Must be able to adapt the contemporary style to traditional jazz without losing what makes each performer unique. Inspired by Snake Hips Tucker: Female Dancers (Supporting): Female, 18-32, African American, African Descent, tap a plus; as well as excellent Jazz/Broadway technique. Must be able to partner well and have a strong sense of balance and ballet technique. Singing is a plus. Female Tap Feature (Supporting): Female, 18-31, African American, African Descent, excellent tap. Singing is a plus.

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