January 25, 2020

Rock Odyssey - Miami EPA
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Equity actors who sing very well and move well – Actors should be able to sing in a contemporary Broadway “Rock” style. All SM and ASM positions filled. ODYSSEUS – mid to late 30’s - vain and self-centered hero - a powerful, muscular warrior with a big ego. Should have a strong singing voice with a rock and roll edge. This actor engages in choreographed stage combat. ZEUS – 30’s – 50’s - Father of all the Greek gods. Should have good comic timing and a booming bass voice. TELEMACHUS – 16 – (actor should be over 18) Odysseus’s son. Angst-filled teenager in a hurry to grow up – should have boy band looks and a voice to match. This actor engages in choreographed stage combat. PENELOPE – mid to late 30’s – Odysseus’s wife: strong, smart and beautiful. She should possess a strong soulful voice. Gospel singers are encouraged to audition. ATHENA – 20’s – the beautiful goddess of war with a strong alto belt. She has empathy for Odysseus and pleads his case to her father Zeus. CIRCE- 20's - 40's - enchantress, witch goddess with an alto belt. She turns Odysseus's men into pigs and tricks them into staying on her island. She has fun calypso song. HERMES – 20 – 30’s our narrator, the messenger god who jumps in and out of the action of the play. A skilled comic actor with a great singing voice should have several different comic characters inside of him. This actor engages in choreographed stage combat and falls off a skateboard. POSEIDON – 20’s – 40’s our villain, the god of the seas. He hates Odysseus’s boldness and uses his powers to keep our hero away from his home and family for 16 years. He also plays the CYCLOPS a boisterous one-eyed monster in a full body puppet. This actor engages in choreographed stage combat. NESTOR, SEYMOUR, MELANTHIUS, AJAX, AGAMEMNON and ANTINOUS: 20’s – 30’s. 3 men to play Odysseus’s men and Penelope’s suitors: NESTOR, SEYMOUR, MELANTHIUS, AJAX, AGAMEMNON and ANTINOUS. These strapping comic actors should be able to play multiple roles convincingly, should have great timing and be able to perform physical comedy and light slapstick. They should move well and sing very well. Although they are an ensemble, they are in most of the musical numbers and scenes and each have the opportunity to shine. These actors engage in choreographed stage combat.

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