January 23, 2020

Kinky Boots and Footloose - NYC EPA
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Equity actor/singers for various roles in KINKY BOOTS and FOOTLOOSE. See breakdown. BREAKDOWN KINKY BOOTS: Charlie Price: late 20s – early 30s, Caucasian. Just out of university, a really nice guy who has no clue what to do with the rest of his life. He’s handsome, lovable, but there’s a temper right under the skin. Henpecked by his girlfriend and a little lost. Must have a great rock voice, ability to move and be a strong actor. Lola/Simon: early 30’s, African-American. An emotionally and physically challenging role requires the body of a boxer, with the soul of a Diva to play this scene-stealing drag performer. Must have a killer voice with power blues and gospel chops. Lola dances in very high heels and so has to move well. Physically challenging role; requiring an incredible performer comfortable wearing everything from full glamour drag to nothing but boxing trunks. Lauren: 20’s. Mezzo-soprano. Beautiful, but quirky working class girl who works in the shoe factory. Funny and smart. Terrific comedic actress, with great singing voice. Nicola: 20’s. Mezzo-soprano. Character is female. Charlie’s girlfriend since school. Sophisticated looks. She is driven and uncompromising. She knows what she wants and goes for it. Must have a great pop voice Pat: 25-40. Mezzo-Soprano. Officious office manager who will let loose her wild side when allowed. Lola's love interest. George: 30-50. Factory manager keeping up traditions. Reserved. Don: 30s – 40s, Rich bari-tenor voice with a strong falsetto. Lola’s nemesis. Burly hyper- masculine bear of a factory worker. Has a menacing physicality. Least likely to be seen on a runway in kinky boots. Strong actor required. Trish: Female, 40s, any ethnicity. Factory worker with a husband and kids to worry over. Young Charlie: Boy, to play 10 years old. Caucasian. This is Charlie as a ten year old boy. Lost, quiet, reflective. Must have a great voice. Young Lola: Boy, to play 10 years old. African-American. This is Lola as a ten year old boy who's father wants him to be a boxer, but he already knows he’s destined to wear high heels. Must have a great voice and comfortable wearing high heels during the show. __________________________ FOOTLOOSE: Ren McCormick: Male, High School student, Tenor - Strong-willed, rebellious and full of teenage hormonal aggression. Raised in liberal Chicago and suddenly finds himself in the conservative mid-west. Copes with these new, oppressive surroundings with a wry sense of humor. Ariel Moore: Female, High School student, Mezzo - Small town girl fighting to break out. Strong, smart and maybe a bit angsty, she is always finding ways to rebel against her father, who tries to keep her under lock and key. Willard Hewitt: Male, High School student, Bari-Tenor - The village puppy-dog. Loyal and a little dim, but ready to defend anyone's honor. Shy around girls. Rusty: Female, High School student, Soprano/Mezzo - Ariel's Friend. Fun-loving motor mouth. Loyal to her friends. Full of quirks, and nervous around Willard, who she's been crushing on for years. Reverend Shaw Moore: Male, 40's-early 50s, Baritone - Spiritual leader and a powerful influence in the town. Deals with the loss of his son through overzealous piety. This causes a rift with his daughter Ariel, who is openly rebelling against him. Has unknowingly fallen into a pious trap, but is ultimately trying to do the right thing... Vi Moore: Female, 40's-early 50s, Mezzo - Rev. Moore's wife. Living in her husband's shadow, though silently powerful. Ultimately, she finds her voice and becomes the agent of change for her husband. Ethel McCormick: Female, 40's, Mezzo - Ren's Mother. Dealing with the fallout from her divorce, and finding herself in a very different place than Chicago. Strong-willed, but now in a place where she's constantly being told to be quiet. Protective of her son and her values, but unable to break free of her circumstances.   UNION EPA

Norwegian Breakaway - Velvet Show - Commercial Singers/Dancers
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Region: Western

Seeking:Velvet is a nightclub and a state of mind – a fantasy. Inspired by Studio 54, a club famous for its wild parties and hedonism but also for its culture of acceptance – blind to color, creed, class, gender, size, shape, sexuality. Velvet is a celebration of that freedom. It is a party, it’s dangerous, it’s electrifying, and it’s exhilarating disco soundtrack never lets up from the opening moment. Each performance invites the audience into an intoxicating glitter ball world where the performers and the audience walk the fine line between the romantic and the audacious. ‘VELVET’ is a fantastic sensory overload – funky, fresh, fun and sexy. SEEKING- The Sirens (Commercial Back-up Singer/Dancers): Any Ethnicity. 18-30s. Two extremely sexy, and alluring young women who entice Country Mike into Velvet and encourage him to head further into the night. Rarely off the stage, these commanding vixens deliver a showstopper all by themselves midway throughout the night.  Large scale venue or concert style backup dancer/vocalist experience preferred. Equally proficient in both disciplines, superior performance skill, and stage presence with an “x-factor” quality a must! Vocal range: Alto-Soprano, with the ability to sing lead and background vocals including harmonies and potential to belt high solo numbers and vocal lines. Though modeled after The Ikettes, The Emotions, The Weather Girls, Labelle, contemporary references include Pussycat Dolls, Little Mix, Destiny’s Child, and J-Lo. [Supporting]

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