February 22, 2020

Tooth of Crime - Second Dance - San Jose EPA
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Region: Western

Seeking:Actors/Singers for San Jose Stage Company's production of TOOTH OF CRIME: SECOND DANCE. BREAKDOWN HOSS - (50's) The Boss, Old School Rocker, THE Killer on the Throne. The world's top Marker worried that the younger Gypsies are gunning to usurp. Often takes on the dialects of past myths, such as a Western gunfighter, a 1920s gangster, and a Delta blues singer. BECKY - (30's/40's) Smart, tough, rock groupie who has survived a vicious scene . MEERA (Late 30’s-mid 50’s) – The Gazer. An astrologer who advises Hoss. Old school and losing relevance in high velocity age. RUIDO RAN – (mid to late 30's) The Dee Jay. Hip now disc jockey. The New Gazer who advises Hoss by looking in the charts. CHASER - (40's) Hoss's friend and hot rod driver, mechanic, and caregiver of the Merc. DOC (40’s/mid50’s) - Hoss's drug supplier/physician. “Doctor Feelgood”. REF (30-45) – Middle-aged, mid-westerner athletic/sports Referee. Mistakenly sent to ref the “battle match” between Hoss and Crow.

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