February 20, 2020

Evita - Lost Angeles EPA/ECC Singers
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:SEEKING Strong singers and actors for the roles of Eva, Peron and Che. Strong dancers/singers for ensemble. BREAKDOWN EVA PERON –25-35, The first lady of Argentina from 1946-1952. Born in poverty, she rose to great power in her lifetime. A strong, versatile performer. Must be charismatic and commanding. Vocal range: Low E to High G. Actively seeking Latinx performer. CHE GUEVARA -- 25-35, Based on the real-life Argentine guerilla revolutionary. Serves as the antagonist to Eva. The charismatic narrator. Vocal range: Low B flat to High B flat. Actively seeking Latinx performer. JUAN PERON -- 40-50, A prominent army office who becomes the President of Argentina. Charming and stately. Legit baritone. Vocal range: Low A to High F#. Actively seeking Latinx performer. ENSEMBLE – Strong singers and dancers. Tango experience a plus. Open ethnicity but actively seeking Latinx performers. APPOINTMENTS EPA rules in effect. In-person sign-up begins at 9:00AM on 2/20/20. UNION EPA

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