February 19, 2017

SUBMISSIONS - Who's your Baghdaddy? - Singers
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Curveball (Lead): Male, 30-39, Middle Eastern, an Iraqi defector, and the only source on the biological Weapons of Mass Destruction. Enchanting, manipulative, unpredictable with a wild side. Middle Eastern accent. Legit Tenor or Baritone with full upper register (legit mix to Bb). Must rap.

King O' The Moon - EPA - Actors
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Region: Central

Seeking:Ellen Pazinski: Female, 45-55, she is the widowed matriarch of the Pazinski clan, still living “over the tavern” that is the family business; this role has been pre-cast. Rudy Pazinski: Male, 18-25, 22 years old; Ellen’s son; he is impassioned, devout, and confused, but in the wrappings of a comedian, the class clown, the smart-ass little brother; quick and witty; currently attending a Catholic seminary in preparation to become a priest, he cares deeply about his family and about the anti-war movement. Georgie Pazinski: Male, 20-25, 23 years old; Ellen’s son; a developmentally challenged man-child with the mental and emotional age of about a five years old; a sweet young man in generally good spirits, he communicates with noises and gestures and a precious few garbled words; he has a determined single focus on the things he cares about. (Those auditioning for Georgie, select either Rudy or Eddie’s monologue; mark on your audition form if you would like to be considered for this role.) Eddie Pazinski: Male, 20-30, 25 years old; Ellen’s son. Eddie got drafted, and into the Army and is happy to serve; he’s home right now with his pregnant wife Maureen. He is tough, the older brother-bully of the family; Eddie is not as smart or thoughtful as Rudy, nor as funny and quick-witted; but he wants to do what is right, and he is unfailingly loyal. Annie Pazinski: Female, 20-30, 26 years old; Ellen’s daughter; she has a smart, sarcastic tone, and she typically has spent a lot of energy feeling sorry for herself; now that she is in a failing marriage, she has real reason to do so; she feels trapped, and doesn’t know whether or not her family can help her. Maureen Pazinski: Female, 20-30, 26 years old; Ellen’s daughter-in- law; Eddie’s wife who is about halfway through her pregnancy; she is attractive, sexual, and a blue-collar diner waitress; Maureen is as coarse and foul-mouthed and tough as her husband Eddie, but she loves him. Walter Fronzak: Male, 50-59, Ellen’s employee/suitor; a friendly man who works at the family tavern and has been around the family for many years; Walter is low-key, but determined; he’s genuinely kind and thoughtful; now, he has fallen for Ellen and wants to marry her.

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