May 18, 2018

Hamilton - EPA - Singers
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Alexander Hamilton: Male, 30-39, non-white, an earnest, ambitious hothead, a man possessed. Speaks his mind, no matter the cost. Must be able to rap very well. Eminem meets Sweeney Todd; tenor-baritone; principal. Eliza Hamilton: Female, 20-39, non-white, fiercely loyal, self-possessed, proud. Evolves from lovesick, wealthy young woman to the sole keeper of her late husband’s legacy. Alicia Keys meets Elphaba; soprano; principal. Angelica Schuyler: Female, 20-39, non-white, must be able to sing and rap well. Fierce, dazzling, brilliant, can read a room and everyone in it instantly. Deeply in love with Hamilton, who is married to her beloved sister Eliza. Nicki Minaj meets Desiree Armfeldt; mezzo-soprano; principal. Aaron Burr: Male, 18-39, non-white, sings and raps in equal measure. Our narrator. A cool, steely reserve. An orphan raised in wealth, plays his cards and opinions close to the vest. Slow to anger, but when he gets there, look out. Javert meets Mos Def; tenor-baritone; principal. George Washington: Male, 30-49, non-white, sings and raps in equal measure. Authoritative, regal, aloof, aware of his place in history at all times. John Legend meets Mufasa; tenor-baritone; principal. Marquis De LaFayette/Thomas Jefferson (dual role): Male, 18-39, non-white. Lafayette is an earnest, idealistic Frenchman who reveals himself to be a superb military commander/rapper. Think Lancelot meets Ludacris. Jefferson is relaxed, jazzy, brilliant, whose effortless cool is ruffled ONLY by Hamilton. Harold Hill meets Drake; tenor-bari; must be able to sing and rap well; principal. Hercules Mulligan/James Madison (dual role): Male, 20-39, non-white, tenor/baritone, must be able to sing and rap well. Mulligan is the life of the party, dripping with swagger, streetwise and hilarious. Joins the revolution to get out of being a tailor’s apprentice, and befriends Laurens, Hamilton and Lafayette. Busta Rhymes meets Donald O’Connor. Madison is incisively intelligent, quiet, professional. A former Hamilton ally, he becomes Jefferson’s detail man concerning all matters—he gets things done. RZA meets Zach from "A Chorus Line;" principal. John Laurens/Philip Hamilton (dual role): Male, 18+, non-white, late teens- 20s, tenor; must be able to sing and rap well. Laurens is an ardent young abolitionist and idealist, born into privilege, joining the Revolution. Hamilton’s loyal best friend. Nas meets Elder Price. Philip Hamilton is prodigious, full of life, a wordsmith in the mold of his father Alexander. Tupac meets J. Pierrepont Finch; principal. Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds (dual role): Female, 18+, non-white, late teens-20s, mezzo-soprano. Peggy Schuyler is sweet, shy, youngest of the three Schuyler Sisters. The Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child. Maria Reynolds is sultry, young, calculating. Affects the role of a damsel in distress to seduce Hamilton. Jasmine Sullivan meets Carla from "Nine;" principal. King George: Male, 30-49, the King of England. Entitled, pouty nihilist. Sees the American Colonies as a deluded former lover, who will come crawling back. Rufus Wainwright meets King Herod in JCS; tenor; British accent; principal.

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