September 17, 2018

Arts Center of Coastal Carolina 18-19 Season - EPA - Actors, Singers
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:An American In Paris Music & Lyrics: George & Ira Gershwin Book:  Craig Lucas Director:  Mark Martino Choreographer:  Elise Kinnon First Rehearsal: November 13, 2018 Opening: December 7, 2018 Close, December 30, 2018 Performances; Tuesday - Sunday All Roles Open Jerry Mulligan - American. A handsome, charismatic, clever romantic leading man. Perhaps a bit egotistical and brash but a talented artist and former WWII soldier on the European front. New to Paris. Actor MUST be a classic song and dance man with strong tap and American Musical Theatre jazz technique. Lise - French/Jewish. The Leslie Caron role from the film. A Strong, smart, young woman. She is guarded but has a beautiful, generous Henri Baurel - excellent actor and singer (tenor or baritenor). Should have some dance ability, specifically some tap. Henri is the handsome son of wealthy Parisians. Light hearted, raised to assume his father’s position of power, Henri secretly longs to be a song and dance man. Deeply in love with Lise Adam Hochberg- excellent actor and baritone singer, comfortable with some dance, specifically basic tap. Adam is an American GI, wounded Milo Davenport - excellent actor and singer (soprano/mix). Should have some dance ability. Milo is an American heiress and art patron who is attractive and bold; a free spirit who knows what she wants Madam Baurel - excellent actor with fantastic comic timing. Must be comfortable with some singing and dancing. Henri’'s dry, uptight mother, obsessed with appearances, and while commonly selfrighteous, she wants the best for her loved ones __________________    Blithe Spirit Playwright: Noel Coward Director: Russell Treyz First Rehearsal: January 22, 2019 Opening:  February 15, 2019 Close:  March 3, 2019 Performances:  Tuesday - Sunday All Roles Open Charles Condomine - Charles is a nice looking man of about 40-45. He's an intelligent, urbane English novelist. With plans to write a novel about a homicidal medium he invites Madame Arcati to present a séance, with the hopes that he can get material for his story. He is completely skeptical about the  occult. Ruth Condomine - Ruth is Charles second wife. She is a smart looking woman in her late 30's - early 40's. Ruth likes order and runs a tight household. She is witty and sophisticated, although a little unimaginative. Elvira - Elvira is the ghost of Charles first wife. Elvira is a spirited, outgoing, wild and carefree woman, early 30's. She skillfully uses the nostalgia of their past relationship to completely charm Charles but she can be willful and dangerous when thwarted in her attempt to get him all to herself Madame Arcarti - Madame Arcarti is the local spiritualist and medium. She is a striking woman, eccentric, effusive and boisterous. Almost childlike in her joy of the occult. Anywhere from 45-65. Dr George Bradman - Dr Bradman is the local doctor and a good friend of the Condomines. he and his wife have been invited to make up the numbers, Madame Arcarti insists there must be more than three. Bradman is also skeptical and somewhat sardonically amused by all that happens. 50-60. Violet Bradman - Violet Bradman is Dr Bradman's wife. A pleasant woman; somewhat simple and naive. She is very excited about attending a séance, hoping it will include a little palm reading as well.  Late 40's - late 50's. Edith - Edith is the Condomine's new maid. She is a local girl, a simple soul who nervously tears around at breakneck speed, trying to do everything right. Late teens to early 20's.Charles Condomine ______________________ A Chorus Line: Book:  James Kirkwood Jr & Nicholas Dante Music:  Marvin Hamlisch Lyrics:  Edward Kleban Originally Conceived, Directed & Choreographed by:  Michael Bennett Director & Choreographer:  Casey Colgan First Rehearsal:  April 9, 2019 Opening: May 3, 2019 Close: June 3, 2019 Performances:  Tuesday - Sunday All Roles Open: ZACH  30s-40s. Brilliant, driven director-choreographer; still a strong dancer. Commanding speaking voice and personality; incisive, curious, in control. LARRY 20s. Zach’s assistant. Authoritative presence; a beautiful, polished dancer. DON 26. Married dancer with kids. Handsome and athletic; from the Midwest. MAGGIE  25. Sweet, pretty girl-next-door from California. Sensitive, lyrical singer with strong high belt for “At the Ballet.” MIKE 24. From an Italian family in New Jersey. Engagingly confident; brash and scrappy. Very strong dancer for “I Can Do That” solo; compact build, acrobatics a plus. CONNIE  32, Asian. Petite dancer with great energy and a spunky sense of humor. GREG 32. Experienced gay, Jewish dancer from the Upper East Side. Stylish and sophisticated, with a dry, jaded sense of humor. CASSIE  32. Former  Matured dancer on Broadway, now auditioning for a chorus job after trying for an  acting career in Los Angeles. Lovely, vulnerable actress with a strong voice. Phenomenal dancer for “The Music and the Mirror” solo. SHEILA  29. Statuesque veteran dancer; her outspoken, caustic sense of humor usually (but not always) masks her  fears and insecurities. Strong actress; alto. BOBBY 25. Tall, attractive, with an offbeat, eccentric sense of humor. Physically inventive comic actor; from Buffalo. BEBE  22. New to New York from Boston; eager to please but insecure. Wry, self-effacing sense of humor. Belt voice. JUDY  26. From El Paso, Texas. Kooky, sexy, and a little ditsy but warm and   likeable. RICHIE 27, African-American. Athletic, high-energy dancer with strong R&B falsetto range. AL 30. From the Bronx. Genial and outgoing, with a streetwise edge. Very loving and supportive of his new wife , Kristine. Strong baritenor voice for “Sing!” KRISTINE  22. Inexperienced and nervous; eager and full of energy. Great comic timing; performs the number “Sing!” VAL admits to 25. Open and friendly but ambitious, with a foul mouth and an uninhibited sense of humor. Owes her shapely figure to cosmetic surgery; sings “Dance: 10; Looks: 3.” MARK 20. The youngest actor, fresh-faced, naive, and eager. Boyishly handsome; strong dancer. PAUL 27. Puerto Rican, from Spanish Harlem. Shy and nervous; eventually opens up with the famous monologue about growing up gay and his early experiences in a drag show. Fine dancer and sensitive, honest actor. DIANA  27, born in the Bronx to Puerto Rican parents. Spirited and feisty, with great warmth and love for the theatre. Beautiful singing voice for “Nothing” and “What I Did for Love” ______________ Legally Blonde Book:  Heather Hach Music & Lyrics:  Laurence O'Keefe  & Nell Benjamin Director & Choreographer:  Todd L. Underwood First Rehearsal: June 4, 2019 Opening: June 28, 2019 Close: August 4, 2019 Performances: Tuesday - Sunday All Roles Open Elle Woods: Early 20s. Exudes total confidence, complete with a positive attitude and heart of gold. Sharp comic skills, strong high belt and dancing ability. Warner: Early 20s. Striking good looks, dashing, but a bit entitled; believes that his name will get him everywhere in life. Sharp comedic timing, strong singing voice (pop tenor). Professor Callahan: Man, 40s-50s. Handsome professor at Harvard Law School. Intelligent, strong sense of entitlement; knows how smart he is, and uses it to manipulate others. Sharp comic skills and a strong singing voice. Paulette: 30s-40s. Elle’s manicurist. Not the brightest bulb. Has good intentions. Insecure but kindhearted. Sharp comic skills and a strong singing voice (pop mezzo). Emmett: Mid - late 20s. Intelligent, witty, lovable. Teaching assistant at Harvard Law. Quirky and cute. Sharp comic skills and a strong singing voice. Vivienne: Early - mid 20s. Uptight Harvard student, with a privileged attitude; brilliant and snobbish. Comes from a prestigious family. Sharp comic skills and a strong high belt singing voice. Brooke: Late 20s – early 30s. Gorgeous, confident creator of her own fitness empire, with a flawless body to show for it. Not afraid to give her opinions; anything but a pushover. Sharp comic skills and a strong singing voice. Margot: Early 20s. One of Elle’s best friends and sorority sister. Sweet. A little on the dim side. Strong singer, great comedic timing and dancing ability. Pilar: Early 20s. One of Elle’s best friends and sorority sister. Beyonce wanna-be. Adorable, playful, energetic. Strong singer, great comedic timing and dancing ability. Serena: Early 20s. One of Elle’s best friends and sorority sister. Loyal to her “sisters”. Lovable, highenergy. Strong singer, great comedic timing and dancing ability. Enid: 20s. Harvard student; wickedly smart and cocky. Strong comic skills and a strong pop belt voice.

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