February 16, 2020

Six Degrees of Separation - Dallas EPA
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:See breakdown. Especially interested in local hires. BREAKDOWN Ouisa Kitteredge – (age 40s-50s) Witty New Yorker; gracious hostess; a quick conversationalist and dramatic storyteller. Flan Kitteredge – (age 40s-50s) Sophisticated, successful art dealer who possesses a cutthroat zest for the high stakes of the art world. Paul – (age 20s – African American) Claims to be Sidney Poitier’s son as well as a Harvard classmate of the Kitteredges’ children, although we never really know for certain who he is or where he came from; he alters every life he touches. APPOINTMENTS Audition appointments strongly encouraged. For appointment, request online at or call 214-219-2718 UNION EPA

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