February 13, 2020

The Wrong American - Reading
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:DESCRIPTION Adapted from a classic P.G. Wodehouse farce, THE WRONG AMERICAN is a joyful new musical comedy about life, misunderstandings, and finding out just how far you'll go for love. Rehearsals begin March 11 or 12 Invited presentations on March 19 at 3pm and March 20 at 11am Seeking Actors/singers for the following roles. Performers of all backgrounds are encouraged to audition for any role. English accents required for most roles. Maddie Marshmoreton – 20s. Daughter of the Earl. A witty, smart, and genuinely lovely heiress completely micromanaged by her family. In love with a forbidden American man. Legit Soprano. Lord Marshmoreton - 40s-50s. The Seventh Earl of Marshmoreton. Widowed. Loves his garden. Heart’s in the right place, even if his head is often elsewhere. Baritone. Percival (Percy) – 20s. Maddie’s brother. Obsessed with keeping the family honor intact, along with his hat collection. Our comic villain. Baritone/Tenor. Keggs – Age flexible. Head butler of the Marshmoreton Estate. Our witty and often all-knowing narrator.  Lady Caroline – 40s-50s. Lord Marshmoreton’s sister and the unrivaled authority in the Marshmoreton household. A no-nonsense matriarch. She presides over the castle with an iron fist. Mezzo-Soprano. Reggie – 20s. The man Maddie’s family wants her to marry. A charming goof. He is madly in love with Alice. Comedic Baritone. Alice – 20s. The Marshmoreton family historian. Competent, level-headed. Everything Reggie wants. Mezzo-Soprano.  Billie Dore – 20s-30s. Best friend of George (our protagonist) and a performer in his West End musical. Upbeat, energetic. Big personality. A force of nature. Albert – 20s. Page and assistant to Keggs. Strong cockney accent.   Ensemble (Note: Some roles listed above may double as Ensemble Members)

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