October 13, 2018

APPOINTMENTS - Hard Cell - Actors
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Nick Abtahi: Male, 30s to early 40s; a college professor from D.C. of mixed Middle Eastern heritage: half Lebanese and half Persian; he’s a “fish out of water” in this small Midwestern town; when threatened he proves remarkably resourceful and surprises himself with the risks he takes; he has recently broken up with his girlfriend, who lives in San Diego, and was on his way to surprise her with a visit when his car broke down; he can be quick witted and discovers that he’s actually quite good at improvisation when pressed; that’s great news because he’s going to need every bit of resourcefulness to get out of this jam; along the way there does seem to be a spark growing between Nick and Jane; actors of Middle Eastern decent only, please. Must have an innate sense of humor. Jane Simons: Female, early to late 30s; a bartender with a great ear; she’s proud of the town she grew up in, but she’s also feeling walls closing in around her heart; she’s been away to big cities, but she’s found that “morons” come from all walks of life; she’s come back to take care of her mother’s estate, but days turned to weeks and became years, and she’s still here; she’s running out of options, and has made a mistake or two – Evan was one of them; still, she wants to do the right thing, and like Nick, surprises herself when pushed to the extreme; she’s smart, and usually rational, but sometimes extreme situations call for extreme measures; along the way there does seem to be a spark growing between Jane and Nick. Must have an innate sense of humor. Evan Weathers: Male, late 30s to late 40s; Evan is a loud, boisterous, and pugnacious guy who is frequently intoxicated; not the brightest light bulb in the pack, but trying very hard to be on top of it; he wears his heart on his sleeve, and has probably had it broken once or twice; likeable, inventive, can be intimidating; raised on the Fox News version of America, gullible, fiercely loyal to his friends, and proud to jump to conclusions; must have an innate sense of humor. Comfort with physical comedy a plus. Derek Carmichael: Male, early 20s; a young man with perhaps just a hint of an emo/goth appearance; Derek is indefatigable; he’s felt like an outsider all of his life, and wants nothing more than to be away from this town; he’s not afraid of death, in fact he’d find it a relief from this “hellhole of a town” – at least death would be “trying something new.” He’s surprisingly resilient given all he’s been through; you just never know who’s going to stand up to be a hero. Must have an innate sense of humor. Terry Burton: Female, 30s to early 50s; a sheriff up for re-election; twitchy and excitable, she’s filled with adrenaline; she lives life a little bigger than most, loves her little slice of authority, and aspires to bigger things – mayor, governor, senator? Who knows what can happen to your career if you can just catch a terrorist in your own small town; though she considers herself quite a few rungs up the ladder from Evan, she’s also a gullible Islamophobe, and prone to jumping to conclusions; she’s doing the best she can for herself and for America, given her set of circumstances. Must have an innate sense of humor. Comfort with physical comedy a plus.

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