March 11, 2020

Gun and Powder - NYC ECC - Male and Female Dancers
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:SEEKING Equity singers for the ensemble to include: KINFOLK: Characters are African-American. Seeking an ensemble of powerhouse vocalists of all ages, shapes, and sizes, capable of holding down complex harmonies within the group and blowing the roof off with a solo. Dance experience and a strong ear or reading skills is a plus; great musicality is required. Looking for all vocal ranges, though a strong upper register is necessary for all Kinfolk. Will also play featured ensemble characters and understudy principal roles. TOWNSPEOPLE: Characters are Caucasian. Seeking an ensemble of dynamic performers, versatile in tone and styles including a stuffy waltz, folk rock, and gospel. FANNIE PORTER/TOWNSWOMAN 1 – A brassy broad with a dynamic belt. Perhaps she’s worked the saloon circuit and has come to the end of her road at the Boneyard Saloon. G4-Eb5. Should also be a good dancer. UNION ECC

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