August 10, 2017

'Friends the Musical Parody!,' The Unauthorized Musical of the Hit TV Show 'Friends' - Open - Singers
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:RACHEL Rachel spent her life running the mean streets of Connecticut until the fateful day she cuts ties to her rich father and rich fiancee and moves to the mean streets of Greenwich Village. Rachel's story is the fish out of (very affluent) water. The real story arc of Rachel is her hair.  MONICA  The obsessively compulsive chef with seven erogenous zones. Seven! She's a neat freak in life and a mess in dating. Maybe the one she's looking for is right next door. Literally.  PHEOBE  AKA Regina Phalange. She's the ditzy but street smart, lovable, odd-ball, hippie of the gang. Looking for an actress who can play guitar. And by play we mean she can hold a guitar and move her hand over the strings occasionally. Should not be bothered by cats that smell.  CHANDLER Chandler is the jokester of the group. Could he be anymore funny? Probably. Looking for an actor capable of playing multiple characters with impeccable comic... timing.  JOEY  Joey is the lovable playboy of the bunch. He struggles in his "career" as an "actor" but excels at dating women. He's a few meatballs short of a meatball sub, mentally. Interests include food and sex and food and the New York Knicks And food.  ROSS  Ross is annoyingly clumsy, annoying depressive, and annoyingly annoying . His strong often unrequited feelings for Rachel drive his every move, even when they are on a break. Must love paleontology. Or at least know how to pronounce it.

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