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Audition Xtra: Chamber Theatre Productions, Disney Shanghai, Musical Theatre West

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 in Audition Xtra|2 comments
Welcome to the latest addition to the SDC blog, Audition Helper!

Want to know more about the choreographer who will see you at that Broadway ECC? Want to know if the new play at that premier regional theater is right for you? These tips will help you walk into your audition well-informed and confident that you'll succeed.

Musical Theatre West is holding auditions for Singing in the Rain on May 11 in Long Beach, CA. The original classic movie starring the iconic Gene Kelly is available to rent on Amazon for $3.99 and on YouTube for $2.99.

You can check out the title song here:

Shangai Disney Resort is looking for male actors, and they’ll be auditioning in North Hollywood on May 13, 2015. Have a yen to travel around Asia? This amusement park will be open later this year, and it’ll be the first Disney park in mainland China and joins Hong Kong Disneyland in the Greater China region. It will have the largest Disney castle in all Disney parks and two onsite hotels.

Florentine Opera Company is seeking submissions for choristers for its season.
Short Synopsis Time!
Madama Butterfly - An American lieutenant falls in love with a Japanese geisha, and their passionate affair causes a whirlwind of tragic events

Three Decembers A chamber opera about two adults coming to terms with their neglectful single opera diva mother.

Die Fledermaus Alfred tries to woo his former lover Rosalinde, whose husband is an insatiable flirt, and Rosalinde disguises herself, causing a mess of mistaken identity!

Chamber Theatre Productions is holding auditions for their upcoming tours on May 11 in New York! Chamber Theatre Productions tours educational stage adaptations of classic novels
Resources to acquaint yourselves with the stories:
Take a look on Sparknotes for the stories you may be unfamiliar with!

Internet Movie Database. Do a quick search for an adaptation you could watch!

The books themselves! If you never braved Twain in school or need to revisit the Bronte sisters, search for a copy of what you need from the New York Public Library website.

Chamber Theatre Productions has posted clips from some of their productions here!

The national tour of If/Then is holding auditions on May 11 – 15, 2015. This exciting show was nominated for two Tony Awards – Best Score and Best Leading Actress in A Leading Role in A Musical.

In an interview with Slant Magazine, composer Tom Kitt said that he and Brian Yorkey “definitely set out to do something ambitious. We live in New York, where day-by-day random collisions and encounters and near-misses happen. It can be exhausting to think about, and then you don't live your life. But how interesting to show theatrically how little tiny things don't just affect you, but a whole group of people around you. We knew to tell that kind of story was going to take a lot of work, for the audience as well. What I hope is that the experience of it, even if you get lost along the way, you pick it back up.” The landscape and culture of New York provide much of the atmosphere of If/Then – check out the cast recording on Spotify!

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